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The Royal Mongolian Restaurant


„Horse tartar” with marinated mango
„Lamb Carparccio” with herbs and grated sheep cheese
„Bruschetta” with warm goat cheese and sauteed shiitake mushrooms
„Khuushuur” Large dumpling filled with sheep meat and soya vegetable
„Lachs-Tiramisu” mit feiner Ziegenkäse-Mascarpone


„Goat milk soup” with leeks and Bansh
(original Mongolian dumpling)
„Guriltai Shul” meat, vegetable strips and fried noodles

Main dishes

„The Mongolian - all you can eat...”
After you choose your starter, you can create your favorite dish from the buffet as many times as you like.
Chf 58.00
„The Mongolian - one way...”
Help yourself on the buffet once and choose your favorite dish.
Chf 50.00
„The Mongolian - Vegi...”
For the vegetarians, all you can eat but without meat and fish.
Chf 55.00
„The Mongolian - Kids”
For children under 10 years old.
Chf 25.00

Choose your marinade! Fruity or hottt?

All our fresh sauces are homemade. After you choose your favorite ingredients it is time to pick your sauce.
Our signs are there to help you a bit but be creative!
„Mongolian Orange” Fine soya sauce with fresh orange. Fits very well with fish.
„Wild Chili” Our hot chili bomb with fresh chilli pieces.
„Garlic” The all rounder. Goes with everything.
„Fruity Curry-Mango” The fruity and exotic curry sauce.
„Ocean” The best companion for fish and seafood.
„Barbecue” The smoky sauce.

Spicy Our recommendation for meat Our recommendation for fish The best for Kids
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