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The Mongolian Büffet

Eine sensationelle Auswahl marktfrischer und teils exotischer Zutaten.

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Fresh, exotic ingredients

The "Royal Mongolian Restaurant" with open show kitchen gives you free choice:
choose the ingredients for your favorite dish!

At an open buffet, you can choose the ingredients for your favorite dish. You can combine freely, your imagination is the limit.

The spectrum of ingredients ranges from well known to exotic specialties (have you ever tasted crocodile or kangaroo?). All the ingredients have one thing in common: They are always market-fresh and of excellent quality.

Afterwards you can watch the chefs masterfully prepare your menu.

Gourmets feasting at the "Mongolian all-you-can-eat menu". After a served appetizer the ingredients buffet is open for you without limit - the chef will serve you as many dishes as you wish!

Veggie and Vegan

For friends of Veggie & Vegan

In our Mongolian buffet you will also get happy without meat!
From conventional to exotic: Look forward to a sensational selection of market-fresh ingredients for your individual Mongolian menu.


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